1. What is DeFiMAX?

DeFiMAX.com is an all-in-one multi-chain advanced DeFi dashboard that lets you track yield farming, DeFi portfolio, explore DeFi projects and find the best yields at your fingertips.

2. What about my private data?

DeFiMAX (the “website” or “site”) takes your privacy seriously. We promise not to store user input data or any other user information. You don’t need to sign-up or register with us, we fetch the available data from the blockchain, even on the first interaction with our website.

3. What do these terms mean?

  • Total Staking = Current value of your deposited assets
  • Total Yield = Current value of the generated yield since deposit
  • Wallet Balance = Tokens in Wallet
  • Net Worth = Total Deposit + Total Yield + Wallet Balance
  • Staking = Deposit
  • Pending = Rewards that haven’t been harvested and are currently pending
  • Total = Staking + Pending
  • HODL value = Value of initial LP deposits for holding with current prices
  • Current value = Value of initial LP deposits after performing in the LP with current prices — this value is typically lower than the HODL value, as the Impermanent Loss reduces the value. This can be only compensated by collecting trading fees in the pool
  • Trading Fee earnings = Fees earned from providing liquidity
  • IL = Impermanent Loss https://defimax.com/article/what-is-impermanent-loss
  • LP Earnings = IL + Trading Fees

4. Which price provider DeFiMAX using?

We use multiple price providers such as: coingecko.com, bandprotocol.com … combining with internal price oracle system in order to provide the most accurate and complete cryptocurrency prices.

5. How does DeFiMAX analyze my address?

We scan your address public data and information directly from blockchain or via several explorers such as: etherscan.io, bscscan.com, polygonscan.com, explorer.harmony.one, snowtrace.io … then analyze, calculate and display you the most needed and well-organized information.

6. Do I need to Connect Wallet to use DeFiMAX?

Absolutely NO.

7. Why there is a Connect Wallet button? Is it dangerous?

We integrated Connect Wallet button for harvest, stake and unstake actions and for fast loading your wallet address for your convenience. DeFiMAX never requires to “connect wallet” for analyzing your wallet address.

It is safe to connect wallet with defimax.com, and we only ask for “connect wallet” permission and nothing more. In harvest, stake or unstake action, please pay attention on your wallet notification popup, DeFiMAX never asks to approve any contract, DeFiMAX only helps you sending harvest, stake or unstake requests to your current farm contract address (ex: PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, Biswap … contract addresses). If you requested to approve or re-approve the contract, please double check the original farm or pool contract address.


  *Calculated by compounding once daily